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August 2020 News

To Our Salt Family,

If you are attending our in-person gatherings please know we want to keep you safe and are practising physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning, and record keeping. We are registered as a Covid-Safe organisation and have a Covid-Safe-Plan if you would like a copy, please let us know.

We will be limited to 50 people but have an overflow strategy in place down at the Base. Things will look a little different to what you are used to, but the important thing is that we get to enjoy each other and God together.

  • Coffee Hour each Sunday from 9:15am. Bring your $2 for a delicious coffee before the service.
  • Women’s Coffee & Connect each Friday 9:30am @ Salt Base
  • Men’s Group starting back 4th August @ 7pm @ Salt Base
  • People Helping People Zoom – 7pm

Exciting news – Salt Coffee Van – We did it!

The Salt Coffee Van has reached its goal of $15,000. The Salt Coffee Van is currently being made and will be with us in 6 weeks. A huge thank you to a very special donor who donated the remainder of the money needed. Thank you to all who have made this possible!

We will keep you all posted on our progress!

Thank you

Thankfulness is like a big double door that when embraced and opened, welcomes in blessings, healing, hope and joy!

It’s not just on the good days that thankfulness can be exercised. The real power of gratitude lies In the midst of difficulty, pain and struggle when we are thankful for the significant and good things within our lives. Sometimes we just need to be reminded and then make a practice of it, a daily meditation as we wake in the morning, or lay our heads down at night.

The list of daily thank you’s is deeply personal, but for me…I’m thankful for life, for health, for family and friends, for love, resources, a roof over my head, children and grandchildren, all the beautiful quirky people in my world, for beauty and joy, for sunshine and rain. The more we meditate on it, the more it grows! It’s like medicine.

The very act of gratitude opens my eyes to my blessings and somehow achieves a whole lot of other things such as:

  • opening the doors of heaven’s resources
  • easing the sting of our pain.
  • removing judgement and allowing love to flow *turning my negatives into positives
  • lifting the cloud of depression
  • turning curses into blessings

We get to choose what we focus our attention on, and without denying certain painful realities, I still choose to be thankful. Join with me as we express our gratitude each and every day we are alive!


Shelter news

Our Salt Coffee Van is in the process of getting made and will be with us in 6 weeks. Our aim is to help build confidence, professionally up skill, and support each individual as needed, making them employment ready.

The past few weeks we have been training Nat on the coffee machine. Nat is now working in a local coffee shop and has enjoyed learning how to use the coffee machine. Each week Nat learns something new and is able to apply that in her new work- place.

Well done Nat. Keep those cappuccinos coming 🙂


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    If you are attending our in-person gatherings please know we want to keep you safe and are practising physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning, and record keeping.

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