Safe Shelter

Safe Shelter Shoalhaven is aimed at providing safe, emergency, overnight shelter for homeless people in our community. The Shelter provides 12 beds each night to those who would otherwise sleeping rough, as well as a nourishing dinner and breakfast for each guest.

In 2016 when the Salt Mobile Response Vehicle began hitting the streets delivering supplies and support to homeless people, we uncovered a growing need for a safe place to house the ever-increasing homeless population. There was much angst in the community as residents of the Shoalhaven opposed the campsites that were springing up in residential locations.

With the cooperation of the local council and the combined churches of the Shoalhaven, the first Safe Shelter Shoalhaven was piloted for four months in June of 2017. After garnering support and donations,  Safe Shelter Shoalhaven was established in a permanent location, fully staffed by volunteers, in July 2018.

Currently to date, in August 2020, Safe Shelter Shoalhaven has provided over 5,000 beds to homeless people in our community.

Case Management
Salt Care Case Management and Support play a pivotal role in assisting clients who are navigating the complex and challenging circumstances of domestic violence. This dedicated service extends its support to men, women, and families, recognizing that domestic violence affects individuals from all walks of life.

The approach taken by Salt Care is holistic, aiming to provide a comprehensive and "wrap-around" support system. This means addressing not only the immediate crisis but also the broader spectrum of needs and challenges faced by clients. The services encompass emotional support, practical assistance, and guidance in rebuilding lives, all within the context of creating a supportive and caring community.

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Salt Assisted Housing

Salt Assisted Houses provides a safe haven for people who are transitioning from crisis accommodation to independent living. We offer a tiered support system to guests for a short, medium, or long term period of time, dependent on individual needs. Each individual or family is pastorally supported and cared for and connected to the broader Salt Community.

Salt Assisted Housing respects every individual’s right to health and well-being, and acknowledges their ability to take responsibility for their own behaviour as it affects them, their loved ones, and the community. We aim to create a safe environment where individuals can openly discuss challenges use without fear of judgment, and navigate their own personal path of choices.

Temporary Accommodation

Salt Care have Temporary Accommodation properties for emergency accommodation. This is accessed through Southern Cross Housing or Links2Home.

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