We are

Passionate Lovers of God and Relentless Lovers of People

connecting THROUGH god

Salt Ministries

Salt Ministries is a wonderful collection of people who are focused on responding to the love of God in the way we live, love and care for those around us. As we connect to God through worship, prayer, contemplation, and teaching, we experience His love toward us in profound and life changing ways.


Salt Care

Salt Care is a local, registered, not-for-profit, volunteer based Charity that provides benevolent relief to the homeless, the poor, the socially disadvantaged, those who suffer from mental health issues, the disabled, indigenous, elderly, and young people at risk.

reducing homelessness

Safe Shelter

Safe Shelter Shoalhaven is a combined churches and community project aimed at providing safe, emergency, overnight shelter for homeless people in our community. The Shelter provides 12 beds each night to those who would otherwise sleeping rough, as well as a nourishing dinner and breakfast for each guest.


The Wellness Farm

We believe The Wellness Farm is a solution to turning lives around. Each resident will be working along side a navigator on the farm, learning, growing and overcoming life controlling issues.

Who will this help?

The Wellness Farm will offer support to

•Those struggling with mental health issues

•Those struggling with addictions

•Those struggling with trauma

  • Events

    Women's Coffee and Connect

    Come along to our weekly Women's Coffee and Connect group, every Wednesday morning. Come and have a cuppa, something yummy to eat and connect with other women. Please contact Kim Armstrong for more information 




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