Wellness Farm

This is an exciting, new project that is being established to provide a residential, therapeutic, farm-based program for people suffering from life hindering, mental health issues.

Salt has been working amongst our local community, the Shoalhaven, since 2010. We have had the privilege of building relationships of trust with those who struggle with a range of issues that heavily impact on their lives, families, and futures. We have established a wraparound support system for those who are doing it tough, including people suffering from homelessness, financial hardship, addictions, mental illness, disabilities, and loneliness.

People are very often trapped in a cycle that is connected to having experienced trauma in their life. These traumas lead to mental instability and in addition to this many people will find ways to self-medicate using drugs, alcohol, or other addictions, which ultimately compounds mental illness and leads to a downward spiral. One of the most heartbreaking things we experience is working alongside those who pursue recovery only to find themselves bouncing back into their old environments navigating the same social spheres, unable to successfully heal from their traumas, and without any real opportunity to make lasting change. This whole life recovery requires a radical approach. Behaviour modification is not enough.


The people we are working with need the opportunity to retreat temporarily to heal their trauma, overcome their addictions, develop new skills, and gain education and training for their future. The concept for Salt Wellness Farm was birthed out of this awareness.

The Salt Wellness Farm is an innovative trauma recovery program, incorporating best practice around trauma therapy, alongside the very practical development of skills and education on a real working farm.

Case Management

Salt Care Case Management and Support play a pivotal role in assisting clients who are navigating the complex and challenging circumstances of domestic violence. This dedicated service extends its support to men, women, and families, recognizing that domestic violence affects individuals from all walks of life.

The approach taken by Salt Care is holistic, aiming to provide a comprehensive and "wrap-around" support system. This means addressing not only the immediate crisis but also the broader spectrum of needs and challenges faced by clients. The services encompass emotional support, practical assistance, and guidance in rebuilding lives, all within the context of creating a supportive and caring community.

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Salt Wellness Farm

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