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Salt Ministries

Salt Ministries is a wonderful collection of people who are focused on responding to the love of God in the way we live, love and care for those around us. As we connect to God through worship, prayer, contemplation, and teaching, we experience His love toward us in profound and life changing ways. There are various ministries in the life of Salt that help to facilitate this personal growth.

Ultimately, as we discover His unconditional love for us, and connect to the power of the Holy Spirit, God transforms us from the inside out, healing us, restoring us and causing us to grow. The natural outworking of that is our pursuit of relentlessly loving others, no matter who they are or where they have come from. Everyone is welcome!


Weekly Gathering

Sunday 10am

Bomaderry Community Hall

Our Sunday gathering is a rich time of connection with each other and a collective joy, as we share coffee and food, worship, prayer, and listen to a great message that both challenges and inspires us each week. This is the place where we do family together as a big group. We get the intense privilege of sharing our lives together, both the good and the messy parts, all while in the context of the amazing grace of Jesus.

Contact [email protected]

Sunday 10am

Bomaderry Community Hall

Salt Babies & Preschoolers is a space where kids aged from 0-5 years can enjoy a range of activities during the Sunday weekly gathering.

Bek is a trained educator and works in childcare, each week is set up with the children's best interest in mind. Sensory activities, developmental learning and a fun place to learn songs and read books. Please speak to Bek if you would like more information [email protected]

Sunday 10am

Bomaderry Community Hall

Salt Kids is a space where kids aged from 3-12 years can enjoy a range of activities during the Sunday weekly gathering, as their parents listen to the sermon. It’s all about connection and forming a positive environment for kids to enjoy while exploring craft, games and activities that communicate simple truths.

Speak to Steve Winter for details [email protected]

The scriptures tell us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and the Salt worship team is a collection of singers and musicians who collaborate to lead some of our gatherings in worship and praise. The team regularly connects for jam sessions to develop their giftings and sensitivity to connecting with God in worship.

Contact Judy or Sarah: [email protected]    [email protected]

Salt Base, The Old Bomaderry Public School, 5-19 Birriley St, Bomaderry

Life Keys are courses that are written by Allan and Helen Meyer and includes Search For Life, Valiant Man, Door of Hope, Kids with Courage and many more.

These groups run at different times throughout the year depending on the need. If you are interested in learning more about Life Keys contact Nola Barker [email protected]

Wednesday 10am - 12noon Weekly in School Term

Call Kim for address 0434 334 541

The women of Salt are great at connecting naturally! Salt also has a few different opportunities to connect through our RG groups, Life Keys Groups, and a weekly Coffee and Connect Group each Friday morning. 

Coffee and Connect involves craft, morning tea, and short, inspirational messages. It provides space for us to come together and share wisdom and reflections from our own lives and the truth of scripture.

If you are keen to connect into a women’s group please contact [email protected]

Tuesdays Fortnightly 7pm

Salt Base, The Old Bomaderry Public School, 5-19 Birriley St, Bomaderry.

There are different connection points for men into the life of Salt including RGs and Life Keys groups.

In addition to that, the men of Salt have a fortnightly gathering at the Salt Base, which includes great conversation, prayer, scripture and pizza! All men are welcome to come and connect. Contact [email protected]

Divorce Care is a small support group that is run over the course of 10 weeks. It provides an opportunity for those who have walked through divorce to process their experiences in a safe environment and find healing and growth from that place. Contact Greg Clissold at [email protected]

Due to COVID-19, The Well is currently suspended

Bomaderry Community Hall

This time begins with a relaxed meal together before we move into a sacred space of worship, meditation, contemplation, and creativity as a form of connection to God.  The Well is uniquely designed for those who are hungry to encounter God on a personal level alongside others who are doing the same. Everyone is welcome. For further details contact [email protected]

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